MediaTank is a full service production company specializing in content related to public policy and advocacy. We work with think tanks, non-profits, research institutions, and policy makers to create and distribute powerful content about the most critical issues of our time.

Our highly visual, story-driven work focuses on the people at the heart of any policy issue, allowing audiences to grasp complex problems through the eyes of those whose lives are most affected by them. Our clients include leading think tanks, media publications, advocacy organizations, non-profits and private businesses. We work with them to create short films that use a wide variety of cinematic styles (from documentary to animated works and scripted content), covering an equally diverse range of policy issues and topics.

Our work is based on research done by our founder, Michael Kleiman, at Harvard University looking at how think tanks and non-profits can more effectively use video to engage policy makers and the general public on critical issues. This research resulted in a series of best practices around content production and dissemination that we incorporate into all of our work.


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