At MediaTank, we've had the honor of working with a wide range of leading think tanks, non-profits, academic and research institutions, including:

Asylum Seeker Resource Center | Beespace  |  The Berenson-Allen CenterThe Belfer Center  |  Brooklyn Defender Services  |  BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt | Center for American Progress  |  Center for Popular Democracy | Center for Public Leadership  | The Century Foundation | Condé Nast Entertainment | The Davis Center at Harvard University | EMPath  |  Global Citizen  |  Harvard Medical School  |  International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) | New Media Advocacy Project  |  On Think Tanks | Results for Development | Rhett Syndrome Research Trust | The Square One Project | United For Respect | The Urban Institute | Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center | WITNESS | World Wildlife Fund

What Our Clients Are Saying:


"Hiring MediaTank was one of the best decisions we made..."

MediaTank was an asset in both helping with the strategic planning of the content and executing the production and post-production process....Hiring them was one of the best decisions we made. Michael excelled at listening to and executing our needs, as well as providing expertise and direction when we weren’t sure how to proceed. As a video producer myself, I understand what it takes to make such a quality product and appreciate all of the effort and attention to detail he put into the job. I give MediaTank my highest recommendation and I hope to hire them again soon!

-Andrew Satter, Director of Video, Center for American Progress

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"MediaTank was skillfully able to make complex topics accessible to our wide-ranging audience..."

Working with MediaTank was an exceptionally positive experience for the Berenson-Allen Center. The filmmakers helped us articulate the core values of our Center by producing several high-quality videos. MediaTank was skillfully able to make complex topics accessible to our wide-ranging audience of patients, clinicians, and academics.

-Adam Stern, MD; Director of Psychiatric Applications, The Berenson-Allen Center, Harvard Medical School


"MediaTank truly helped us tell our story."

MediaTank truly helped us tell our story. They focused their efforts not only producing a film, but also taking time to learn about the issue it addressed. That extra effort resulted in an excellent film that captures the feeling and spirit of our work.

-Chris Connor, Environment Policy Communicator, World Wildlife Fund

"MediaTank was responsive, engaged and flexible, offering fresh ideas..."

Michael impressed us at the outset by sharing a detailed project proposal that offered a range of creative production options across different price points. Throughout the project, MediaTank was responsive, engaged and flexible offering fresh ideas and willing to iterate where necessary. Michael is amiable and professional...We are extremely pleased with the videos they produced for us and look forward to working with them again!

-Wambui Munge, Communications Officer, Results for Development Institute (R4D)