Our Services

We work with clients to identify powerful stories, produce cinematic content and ensure the finished product reaches its audience to drive change. Our background in public policy and advocacy means we have a keen ability for translating complex issues into powerful stories that inspire empathy and action.

We offer three primary types of services:

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Production Services

We offer end-to-end production services to bring an idea from concept to screen. We have a wealth of experience in producing all sorts of video-based projects from multi-faceted media campaigns, to branding videos and gripping animations, to character-based documentaries or concise "explainer" pieces. Our team is available to come on board at any time in a project's lifespan: whether your organization needs help developing a concept and turning it into a compelling, high quality video or wants our award-winning editors to craft a narrative out of existing footage, we're ready to bring our love of storytelling and passion for public policy to any project.

Production services include:

  • Pre-production. Audience identification, message crafting, story scouting, script writing, production planning.

  • Production. Award-winning production capabilities for any project - from interview-based or verite documentaries to scripted pieces.

  • Post-production. Full editorial services, animation, motion graphics, music composition, and final mastering.

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Engagement Services

Like the old adage about a tree falling in the forest and no one being around to hear it, even the most powerful video content needs to be seen in order to drive impact. At MediaTank, our work extends well beyond a film's final frame. We work with clients to create distribution strategies specific to their campaign goals and execute them.

Engagement services include:

  • Strategy. Audience identification, platform testing, partner mapping and launch strategy.
  • Outreach. Partnership formation and coordination, online outreach via email and social media channels, targeted advertising.

Consulting Services

    In addition to working as filmmakers, we offer hourly consulting services for clients who are interested in using our expertise on content strategy, production, and engagement. We advise clients on specific video projects and campaigns as well as overall content strategies for their organizations.

    Consulting services include:

    • Content strategy. We'll work with you to develop an appropriate "content personality" and create a strategy for delivering a steady stream of engaging content to your audience.
    • Campaign strategy. Consultations on individual media campaigns, including concept ideation, production strategy, rough cut review and audience engagement strategy.
    • Workshops. We offer a variety of in-person and online workshops focusing on both high level content and distribution strategy as well as practical production tips.
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