Production Services

We offer end-to-end production services to bring an idea from concept to screen. We have a wealth of experience in producing all sorts of video-based projects from multi-faceted media campaigns, to branding videos and gripping animations, to character-based documentaries or concise "explainer" pieces. Our team is available to come on board at any time in a project's lifespan: whether your organization needs help developing a concept and turning it into a compelling, high quality video or wants our award-winning editors to craft a narrative out of existing footage, we're ready to bring our love of storytelling and passion for public policy to any project.

Production services include:

  • Pre-production. Audience identification, message crafting, story scouting, script writing, production planning.

  • Production. Award-winning production capabilities for any project - from interview-based or verite documentaries to scripted pieces.

  • Post-production. Full editorial services, animation, motion graphics, music composition, and final mastering.